Being a child, I was interested in changing and creating things. It began with the destruction of toys and other objects.I was fascinated by that.

1984 children psychology test



1987 I took part in painting a 20 meters long conceptwall. This was a project between two basicschools and guided by an artist.

Round about 24 kids created the “torchwalk”. The spot of action was in front of the marketplace of Bergkamen.

They built a wall of chipboard and devided it into two parts, one for each school. In the end my school got to paint the wall, which was originally supposed to be painted by the other school. I was actually lucky because the other half of that wall was repainted white again years ago.


1991  pencil-sketch of the landscape Spiekeroog. It is one of the East Frisian Islands, off the North Sea coast of Germany

1990 / 1991  I listened to my first Rap-Song “Me so horny” by The 2 Live Crew. n 1992  I started to sketch Rap-Stars.


1992  pencil-sketch –  Concert of the fictional Rap-Band “ Ghetto Fighters “


1992  The children were influenced by the „American-Sports-wear“


1994 My old nickname „Ötze” (1978 -1994 /Denis Sedat Özdemir), was my first Graffitiname. In this time I was really impressed by the local graffitiwriter (Zib,Sen..). I never imagined to be a graffiti writer. The idea was totally abstract for me. I sketched my letters on paper or sprayed behind any garage-walls. My first impression for graffitistyle was Baz (WRL-Crew). In this time i had never seen a graffiti-mag before.

1995 I visited the school for design, and met the graffitiartist ” MAK “. He was my mentor of graffiti, because he was sitting next to me in my class and taught me everything about graffiti for one year. He believed in me as a graffitiwriter.


1996 I started to spray graffitis like crazy. Yes, I finally had confidence in my skills as a graffiti sprayer. Spraying my first real grafitti gave me a feeling of freedom.


1996   work at  ”Planetenmännchen – (planetman)”



lindenbrauerei-streetlifeday 97

1997    Sprayart „Kleiner“


1998   Fritz-Henßler-Haus Dortmund

hifi 98 unna

1998  Hifi 3D Graffiti Unna-Lindenbrauerei


1999         One of my favorite artworks . The „Altar“


1999      I started to work with spraycans .  „The cutting can“

der sprüher

1999        Artwork: „The graffiti writer“